Updating a Claim Review Questions

You will be able to answer the following questions after watching this ClaimWizard Academy learning video:


  1. What ways can you find the claim you would like to update?

Log Entry:

  1. How to you enter a Log Entry?
  2. How do you backdate an entry?
  3. What is the Log Entry Source?
  4. What is an Activity Template?
  5. How can you get an Activity Template customized?
  6. How do you search for a specific Activity Template?

Action Items:

  1. How can you add an Action Item?
  2. What information is contained in an Action Item?
  3. How can you assign personnel for an Action Item?
  4. What does the STAR on an Action Item do?

Upload Files:

  1. How do you browse your local computer to upload a file to ClaimWizard?
  2. How to you drag and drop a file to upload to ClaimWizard?
  3. How do you create a new folder for uploaded files?

Claim Phase:

  1. What is a Claim Phase?
  2. How to you manually update a Claim Phase?
  3. Where is the Claim Phase displayed?