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ClaimWizard is a feature-rich claim workflow management tool for the public adjusting industry designed to work with your company’s claim process.

Looking to learn about ClaimWizard features or discover new ones? The ClaimWizard Academy resource contains useful “watch me” videos, configuration documents and other helpful items to get your entire team working in the most productive way they can.

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Resetting Your Account Password

Resetting your account password in ClaimWizard is easy. Go to the main application login page and click the “Reset my Password” link. Next, enter your account username (generally your email address.) Password reset directions will be sent to your inbox.

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Closing a Claim

When a claim is at the end of its life cycle you can “close out” the file in ClaimWizard. Closing or resolving a claim in ClaimWizard is a three-step process.

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Email Archiving and SMS Updating

This document will introduce you to ClaimWizard’s email archiving and SMS-related features. Email archiving and SMS updates both use the same basic approach as sending an email. If you are comfortable with how email works, you should find email archiving and SMS updates a breeze to use.

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ClaimWizard Alerts and Claim Conditions

ClaimWizard helps you to be proactive with your claims. It does this by continuously analyzing your claims and alerting you to any issues of concerns, reminding you of open tasks, or helping to identify claims that have been inactive. By default, ClaimWizard comes...

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