Manually Adding a New Client, Property & Claim Review Questions

You will be able to answer the following questions after watching this ClaimWizard Academy learning video:

  1. What is Fast Entry?
  2. How to you enter in a new Prospect?
  3. How does a Prospect become a Client?
  4. How to you add a Property to a Client?
  5. How to you add a Claim to a Property?
  6. What Contract Details are needed to open a Claim?
  7. What Carrier Information is needed on a Claim?
  8. What Mortgage Information is needed on a Claim?
  9. How do you assign Claim Personnel to a Claim?
  10. How to you assign a Claim Personnel ROLE to a Claim?
  11. How do you add or edit information on a Client, Property or Claim?